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Glossary of Home Inspection Terms

Ash Dump Attic Backfill Baluster
Baseboard Trim Basement Window Blind or Shutter Bridging
Building Paper/
Ceiling Joist Chair Rail Chimney
Chimney Cap Chimney Flues Collar Beam / Tie Concrete Slab Floor
Corner Brace Cornice Cornice Molding Door Casing / Trim
Door Frame / Jamb Downspout Downspout Gooseneck Downspout Shoe
Downspout Strap Drain Tile Entrance Canopy Entrace Stoop
Exterior Siding Fascia Fascia/Rake Board Finishing Flooring
Finished Grade Line Firebox Fireplace Cleanout Door Fireplace Hearth
Flashing Floor Joists Foundation Footing Foundation Wall
Framing Studs Gable Framing Garage Door Girder
Gravel Fill Gutter Insulation Jack/King Stud
Mantel Moisture/Vapor Barrier Newel Post Reinforcing Lath
Ridge Board Roofing Roof Rafters Roof Sheathing
Sidewalk Sill Plate Silt Fabric Soffit/Lockout Block
Stair Rail Stair Riser Stair Stringer Stair Tread
Subfloor Support Posts Tar Termite Shield
Top Plate Wainscoting Wall Insulation Wall Sheathing
Window Casing/Trim Window Cripple Window Frame/Jamb Window Header
Window Well

Bathroom Glossary Terms

Bathtub Bidet Combination Tub/Shower Exhaust Vent/Fan/Light
Hot & Cold Lines / Shutoff Plumbing Traps Sauna Shower Stall
Sink Sink-base Cabinet Toilet Wax Ring
Massage Tub

Kitchen Glossary Terms

Air Gap/Loop Base Cabinets Cook Top Dishwasher
Disposal Freezer Instant-hot Water Microwave
Plumbing Trap Range Refridgerator Sink
Trash Compactor Vegetable Sprayer Ventilation Register Ventilator
Wall Cabinets Wall Oven