Any time something in the home broke, he fixed it.
INSPECTORCHEK TESTMy father-in-law died about 8 years ago. He was a retired union carpenter. Any time something in the home broke, he fixed it. He did all the maintenance on schedule, and kept things working well. After he died, my mother-in-law did her best, but it’s a five bedroom three story house and we felt it might be getting ahead of her. We thought it would be a good idea to inspect her home with the emphasis on safety. I started inspecting and soon realized there was an electrical issue. Every outlet lit all three lights on my three-prong tester! I stopped inspecting and went to the electrical panel. I noticed rust on the bottom of the panel. Before I touched the panel, I tested it with my voltage sniffer to see if it was live. It wasn’t so I pulled the cover off. I was shocked to find the entire right side of the panel rusting. I could hear crackling in the panel. I turned off the basement lights and looked inside the panel. You could see arcing all through the right side of the panel! I immediately called my brother-in-law. We had an electrician in the house by the end of the day. The exterior service drop had cracked and provided a free flowing channel to run water into the panel. We replaced the service drop as well as the panel. The rest of the inspection went well. I have no idea how close my mother -in-law’s house was to burning down, but without that safety inspection, the question was when the house would burn down, not if. We believe we saved her life.


Gerry Aubrey is an ASHI certified home inspector.  He began home inspecting in 1994 and became an ASHI Member in 1997.  He is also a member of the Roof Consulting Institute.  Prior to performing home inspections he ran a roofing company for 18 years.  He has also worked for a commercial HVAC company and a residential contractor building additions and remodeling kitchens.   He is an accomplished public speaker and has addressed InspectionWorld and the National Association of Home Inspectors national convention many times.  He has also addressed contracting groups such as Contractor’s Network and the Journal of Light Construction’s live show in Providence Rhode Island.  He has spoken to AmeriSpec seminars, the Kentucky Licensing Board, and countless chapter seminars throughout the county.  He has a B.A. from Hiram Scott College in Education, has studied heating and air conditioning at Temple University, engineering at Spring Garden College, and BOCA Code at Delaware County Community College. He performed stand up comedy in the Philadelphia area for two years.  He holds a home inspection license in Philadelphia and Florida.  He is certified to perform radon tests in Pennsylvania.   

Gerry Aubrey
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